Western Cowman Magazine Cover

Western Cowman | July/August 2015

From The Editor



California Cattlemen's Association

Drought Concerns

Seven Generations Strong

California Young Cattlemen

Front Porch - Furtado Angus

California Icon - Flying U Rodeo - Cotton Rosser

The California Beef Council

Front Porch - Rankin Cattle Ranch

Branding 101

Turlock Livestock Auction Yard

Front Porch - The Summit Ranch

Storefront - Fencing the West

Innovative Entreprenuerial

Storefront - More than Black White

Front Porch - Broken Box Ranch

California Real Estate - Ranch Style

Shasta Livestock Market -
A Leader in the Cattle Marketing Game

Chuck Wagon - California TRI-TIP

Hooter - P R and Other Horrors

Riding the Gap - Cattle Opportunity Now and Ahead

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