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Coming Clean!

Just got my first e-mail today regarding the grazing articles in the July-August issue and the writer thought we did a good job with both pieces and didn’t distort the big picture, but what he called me on was the disclaimer I made in my “Trails” editorial. He thought I was just trying to be politically correct by saying “we do not have a political persuasion either way in regard to these pieces”, and he was half right. What I was doing was trying to protect this magazine from having advertisers drop us, because of a difference in political opinions. Magazines continue to struggle in this age of tech-media and losing just one advertiser can make a tremendous difference to the bottom line, and this is the reason for the statement. Today on this blog I will tell you that my personal opinion is that I stand with the ranchers who oppose the actions of the BLM; to be honest like anyone with an opinion I really do believe mine is the “right” one. To be honest it is very difficult to decide what kind of editorial you’re going to fill your magazine with. I try very hard to keep the Western Cowman magazine editorial content current with what is going on in our industry and I also want that reading material to be something that you can apply to your own lives. What I try very hard not to do is fluff out the pages with things that truly have no real meaning to our readership, but let me tell you that fluff is the type of stuff that costs magazines very little. I just can’t bring myself to run press releases about folks that most of you won’t know and have no reason to care about. The press releases for all the drugs in the industry just take up space unless their truly revolutionary and are going to make a huge difference to us all. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every article that I’ve ran in the past sixteen years has thrilled me; that wouldn’t be the case. Some times you need to do what you have to, but what I will never do is sell advertising with a promise of editorial content and no one will ever find in our media kit a spot where you can purchase editorial coverage. This is my first blog and I look forward to writing many more through the weeks. In short, I guess what I’m trying to say is if you can’t stand for something, you shouldn’t stand for anything at all. That pretty much sums it up. I’m glad you ventured onto our porch…a place for discussion, a little drama, and always a bit of fun. Happy Trails.

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