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Animal Overload

There are just some weeks that living in the country can take it’s toll and I’m talking about the creatures that reside with and around us. Take for instance one night this past week while chatting on the phone at about 8:30 in the evening a single mouse tears around the corner into the kitchen where I’m sitting and runs directly into the head of my sleeping dog. I scream, the dog leaps up in hot pursuit of mouse and of course she is not as fast and the mouse disappears into the house not to be found. The crazy thing is mice don’t bother me out in the barns, but sharing the house, that’s another thing altogether. The same evening I head out to lock up the chicken pen as I let them out each afternoon for their walkabout and find the calves have pushed their gate shut. Two made it into the roost before the gate shut, one is hunkered down by the gate and the rest are MIA. I easily get the one by the gate into the pen although she’s acting a bit chickentonic and then start searching for the others. Thankfully we have a big corral light and the barns light up the area quite a bit, so I found the next one cowering in the corner of the goat’s pen, but getting her out of there becomes quite a chore. Chickens act really weird at night, which is why they most likely take to the roost, but those who don’t get in on time sort of become “chicken zombies”. I’ve got this zombie chicken to get out of the goat’s pen and the two obnoxious goats act like this was the party they’ve been waiting on; they’re running circles around the chicken and myself, thwarting any progress I make. Just when I’m about to strangle a goat the chicken dives through the gate into the corral, running headlong into the dark pasture. With broom in hand I head out and wrangle her back to the chicken pen and through the gate; I then head out now to find the others. I finally find them tucked into a corner of the corral and with my newly developed chicken broom herding skills, I get them through the gate and into the chicken house. With the chickens safe and sound and the goats still running around in circles, I get the lights all turned off and head to the house. Safely back in side with the mouse still somewhere in residence, my husband comes out of his man cave to inquire where I’ve been all this this time; he just might of tried finding me, oh well! It’s really been that kind of week, like how I really like the Lowline cattle that we have acquired; they’re easy to work. They go in the chute and out it easily and to moving them just requires opening a gate; they will instantly go through any open gate. This is all really fine unless it’s a gate you’ve mistakenly left open a crack. Just last night we were working some cows up to the chutes for breeding purposes and yes it was me who left the corral gate open just a bit. So when we got done working the group of cows and were heading them back to the pasture, there grazing in my front yard is the Lowline and whoever was brave enough to follow. Once again a round-up is in action. Just love the divots in the lawn, but that was the only damage thank goodness. All the same I’ll take the animals here in the country to those urban creatures any day.

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  1. Mercedes D-L
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    It’s nice to hear that you finally admit to leaving that gate open. They sure did like bouncing across the cool soft lawn.

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