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I’m usually the person who picks up the office mail and I sort it there to be sure that I don’t need to pick up something from the post office desk. So when I get those envelopes addressed to Western Cowman with Editor underlined and no return address in sight, I can already guess that this isn’t going to be good. Most letters to the Editor don’t come in plain envelopes and always have a return address if they have something positive or at least intelligent to say. Those letters in “no return address” envelopes are always the worse, because over the last 17 years I’ve only gotten a handful of them and each one verged on being sketchy as heck. Well today’s was no different; inside the envelope was an index card with a hand written rant on how Western Cowman should be called the Heather Smith-Thomas magazine. Wow really, because she is the main writer for this publication? The author also went on to say that it was nice she (Heather) let me have my picture included. If your thinking this all sounds a bit third grade; you’re so right. The writer then went on to say, “Seriously is there not another writer in the western states”? I’m quite sure there are a lot of writers in the western states, and I’m sure some very good ones. The reason we use Heather so much has a lot to do with the type of deadlines we run. With three publications our deadlines are numerous and we have to make sure that the writers we use can make them. Heather is extremely professional and has never missed a deadline in all of the years she has done stories for Western Cowman. She is always on top of whatever story we give her and she is capable of bringing article ideas to the table. Do we use her a lot, yes we do because she does an amazing job and in seventeen years, this may be the first anyone has issued a complaint. So the bottom line here is that this BS on an index card, unsigned carries no weight with me concerning Heather. What does concern me is if the person felt that they had a justifiable complaint, or just wanted to state that we should use other writers; there was a better format to put it in. Nothing gets under my skin more than something as snarky and sarcastic as the piece I just received, if your not a strong enough person to say what you need to say and sign your name to it, keep it to yourself. Then I start to wonder are you someone that maybe Heather has offended somewhere along the line, though considering she is one of the nicest people around, I doubt that. Are you possibly a frustrated writer and your just lashing out? The one thing I do know about you is that you’re a coward; if you can’t own what you write, then spare the rest of us. I would have responded to you and had an adult discussion about your concerns. Also to the writer, when lashing out in such a snarky manner at least try and work it up above the third grade level, at least for some entertainment value. Each time I set down to my key-board and write anything from this blog to the editorial’s that appear each month I own every word. Do people sometimes disagree with me, of course they do and I’m capable of having a conversation about their thoughts. Often times I see their point of view clearly. I’ve even gotten myself in the dog house on more then one occasion and I still have to own it. So mystery writer if you can’t sign your name keep it to yourself.


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