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Lost Balloons

I was doing chores on the ranch one day last week and as I closed the corral gate a spot of color caught my eye in the far back pasture.  I headed out to investigate and realized that it was one of those balloon bouquets that had caught on the fence. This is not the first time nor will it I imagine be the last time I’ve rescued our calves from chewing and swallowing the remains of these bouquets. One other time at our pastures we arrived on the scene as the calves were just starting to swallow the balloon remains, what ensued was a very awkward dash to grab the ribbons tied to the balloons still hanging from the calves’ mouths.   If you managed to grab a ribbon, you just hung on for dear life and hoped you pulled the balloon out of their throats. We successfully managed to get all those we could see, but were unsure how many were already gone before we arrived.
Getting back to the balloon find from last week, it took a bit to untangle the entire bouquet from the barb wire as there had to be over twelve balloons.  As I was walking back to the barns I realized that attached to the balloons were several cards that on the outside said, “Happy Birthday Andrew”, that was pretty normal until I turned the cards over and began reading the messages written on each card.  The first one was “Happy B-Day Baby Boy Mama Loves & Misses you Bunches!!  RIP You will be in my heart forever and always until we meet again Love you my son”, I quickly scanned the other cards and these were the same sentiment from aunts, uncles and a Grandma. You can only imagine how that broke my heart and I continued to examine the card and each was printed with a paw print.  This has led me to believe that these beautiful sentiments were sent from a family that dearly loved their lost friend. It is still a mystery and one that I will never solve, although I would surely love to meet this group of people who took the time out of their lives to remember their dearly beloved pet. I know that the dog lover in me was moved to a few tears standing in the pasture that day for a dog named Andrew that I will never know.  I’ve kept those cards with their heart felt messages, for the odd reason it just doesn’t seem right to just throw them away.

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