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“All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of any organism to live beyond its income”.
~Samuel Butler~


Whew….almost ready to head for the printers, it is always at this juncture, when I begin to write Trails that I know that the magazine is headed to bed. My column is always the last thing I do and always the last thing needed to send the magazine on its way. My publisher/spouse is always after me to “get it done early”, but there is a method to my madness, because so much can happen in a week or even a day that could possibly change what is written. That is what makes it so hard for magazines today to compete with the dialed in-wired up society we live in. Just think that by the time this great book is printed and our postal service has found it convenient to drop it at your home what could of, would of and will take place.

Who knows whom Obama might fire next, which of the latest wonder drugs now causes cancer, and miracles of miracles Obama may have designed a plan to clean up the Gulf Coast disaster, the news just happens so fast. So I wait and wait until just those last moments awaiting the news that should be plugged in here somewhere, someway. While we might not be minute to minute, we are unquestionably on top of the topics that matter to our industry. This year’s Pacer section covers a broad spectrum of those stories that affect you the most; we bring you the answers to the ever changing game of our industry.

We have tracked the stories that are powering our futures and pulled them together for you in a format that you’ll find easy to navigate and enjoy. Beyond the Pacer section we’ve got a great set of articles that provide insight, refresh ways of thought, and answer questions about obstacles you come across daily. We’re keeping you up to date on the issues and answering your questions as well, and just to keep it all from being so serious and dour we’ve tossed in a few smiles as well.

This issue is a special one, we’ve bounced back from last year and expect to keep right on rolling, but it hasn’t been easy road for any of us in this country. While things appear to be on an upswing, there are still many folks looking for jobs and many others facing an insecure future. The state of California in which we live is broke and unable to even balance a budget because of its own political infighting. Our city government rather then work at finding funds to keep our police forces and fire fighters working would rather spend hours working at voting to boycott Arizona due to the immigration issues there. Personally I think that everyone on the city board should be relieved of there jobs immediately and our state governments no longer paid until a budget is in place.

My frustration with the country and the leadership in place grows stronger with every passing day. The only real plan that President Obama has come up with seems to be an exit plan, I don’t want to see our first lady Michelle Obama, having fun in the Lakers locker room during the finals, using our tax dollars to travel to Los Angeles, I would much rather see her with her sleeves rolled up and cleaning a bird in the gulf. This leadership has done nothing to help the small businessman or agriculture in general. So I guess all that we can do is roll up our sleeves, takes a few deep sighs and dig in, work hard and believe that change will come.

What you hold in your hands is a collaborative effort of many people in our office and the writers that work with us. I thank them all for once again enduring the trail it takes to bring this book to fruition. The one person that I want to say a special thanks to is my publisher/spouse, because without his long hours in the saddle and his dedication to this business and industry, none of what your holding today would be possible.

Yup…we can’t deliver the news to you at lightening speed, but what we can do is provide something that lasts. There is no computer that fits in that recliner like we do, you wouldn’t want to throw your computer into your dusty truck floor, we can take it, the magazine is a natural on the kitchen table with your coffee cup in the mornings and will always make great company for a moment under the shade tree on a hot afternoon.

So grab some space in the early mornings of summer or find that time between dark and bed to take in some excellent summer reads, I’m going to get back on the trail heading into fall and hope for an Indian summer.

Happy Trails…………..

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